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    murray mower stops running all of a sudden

    I just had this happen. Was cutting lawn and all of a sudden mower just cuts off and will not start. Removed carbrator and cleaned. Reinstalled and it started right up. Ran good, went back to cutting lawn. Made a couple ronds and it shut down again and would not start. What I finaly found was the after fire solenoid( the thing on bottom of carb that cuts off fuel when switch is turned off)
    had a loose connection in the wire from switch to solenoid. It would make some times and due to viberation would disconnect allowing the solenoid to close and cut off the fuel. Something you would never think of. I removed the solenoid and left the wire pluged in and and turned the ignition switch to run position, the solenoid closed as it should and then I wiggled the cable and it
    lost power and closed cutting off fuel. Repaired cable and all is ok now.

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    Re: murray mower stops running all of a sudden

    good deal, pat yourself on the back, thanks for posting!

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