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    Lightbulb Troy-Bilt XP TB450 possibly flooding

    So this started on my last mow of last year, and i never looked at it again until late March this year. This mower is brand new, used less than 6 times. The incident was i did not think the "auto choke" function was working correctly. I had a full tank of gas, oil was within normal range, there was no debris or anything obstructing the blades, but the mower would not start. It would start to sputter, maybe last 2-3 seconds, and then die. In my novice opinion, it seemed like it was flooded. But even after leaving for hours/days, and trying again...same result. So i did some research earlier this year about it, and one of the things i found was a contaminated fuel system. Not ruling anything out at this point i decided to give it a try. I emptied the tank, drained the line and carburetor. I left it opened for most of a nice warm sunny day to completely dry out. Then yesterday, i got fresh fuel, filled the tank, gave it a try....started right up!!! I was in business. I let it run for a few minutes before i tried mowing just to ensure the gas had made it all the way through the process. I got probably 75% of my front yard mowed with no symptoms at all. Then out of nowhere...dies. My grass was a bit taller than i should have let it, but i took it back over to the drive way and tried starting it. It is back to doing the same thing again...

    Does anyone have any ideas of what i can try or what i can look for to help figure this problem out? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Re: Troy-Bilt XP TB450 possibly flooding

    purchase a small bottle of name brand fuel treatment from walmart or local auto parts store read label & add specified ounces to empty gas can then purchase high test gas & fill gas can & give it a try, let us know how it goes.

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