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    Unhappy Extremely Cryptic & Hard to Identify Riding Mower??? HELP....

    So, I inherited an old mower; it worked for about 45 minutes and I mowed my front yard with it. But it then had a belt break. I dropped & detached the deck, and can now get to the drive belt.

    Problem is though, this old riding mower has zero identification. I have looked everywhere -- and I cannot even tell if this is a Craftsman or a Murray. Lol.

    Previous owner stripped it, and painted flames on the front hood. Plus it is probably a 70s model, I think. I lean toward Craftsman too, by the way.

    Sooo, I saw a previous thread wherein you helped someone identify a riding mower. I can tell you it has a 400 cc Briggs & Stratton Engine.

    But please tell me exactly what I should provide to you -- and I will work to acquire that info.

    I really appreciate your help; I searched on Google images search for hours -- nothing looks right! Closest I could see is a Craftsman 1978 Roper Riding Lawn Mower -- but it is not 100%. But it does look similar in the grill, and lights configuration in the front.

    In sum, I need to obtain the exact year, make, & model # so that I can buy the right belts.

    Thank you,
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    Re: Extremely Cryptic & Hard to Identify Riding Mower??? HELP....

    Find the model, type and code numbers on the engine shroud. Next give Briggs and Stratton a call with those numbers. Many times they will be able to tell you on what piece of equipment that engine was installed. Hopefully the engine is not a retro fit.
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    Re: Extremely Cryptic & Hard to Identify Riding Mower??? HELP....

    Show a bottom view of the deck with a tape measure across the bottom. Also a pic of the tag on the side of the transmission/transaxle.
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