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    Re: Since Dixie Choppers are no more is there any parts we should be buying up / hoar

    Quote Originally Posted by bertsmobile1 View Post
    The only thing they did at the factory was bend , weld & paint steel then assemble all the parts that they bought in the painted steel to make a mower.
    So it is not Dixie you need to worry about, it is their suppliers.
    The very first thing you need to do is download the parts manual and any service information that is on the web site.
    Print a couple of hard copies and write down the suppliers against each part.
    Any company that spends a small fortune releasing new models then dumps them so abruptly is in a financial or political mess.
    I would hazard a guess that they were going to off shore the assembly of the Dixie & they ran into problems from the government as that would not fit in with the "Make America Great Again " mantra.
    Harley just closed down the aluminium wheel factory they built in Australia to appease the Trump administration.

    So the only parts that will become a problem are spindles & spindle housings and the only thing I would be buying right now is a set of them.
    After that the next unique item will be the spindle pulleys and the idler pulleys.

    As for the latter I fit JD parts because the Dixie pulleys are over $ 100 and the JD ones were around $ 40.
    Not exact replacements so I had to turn up new bushes and adjust the belt tension.

    Idler pulleys are the biggest problem I have with obsolete mowers that require regular replacement & all of them except European mowers have captive bearings.
    Some can be split then get riveted / bolted back together with a new bearing inside & I have customers who do this regularly.
    For the Bolens/TroyBilt DuraTrac Garden Tractor we ended up getting PTO idler pulleys turned up, done properly with a replaciable combination ball & roller pulley.

    Other unique parts are springs but you should have hundreds of small spring factories in the USA that will make you replacements if you take the old ones to them.
    Thanks for the insight.


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    Re: Since Dixie Choppers are no more is there any parts we should be buying up / hoar

    Local Ace Hardware was a Dixie Chop Dealer. They confirmed the RIP Dixie. But said they will still sell off the mowers in stock, & carry parts & service supplies. For how long ?

    This was where I got my Kawasaki oil filters when they have sales. Guess I better stock up on them.
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