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    Blades will not engage........

    I have a ZTM 61" starts, runs good..however the blades will not engage when I pull the PTO noise, no sounds what so ever..what to check for???
    Any help will be appreciated. I put a new PTO switch, silenoid and charged the battery yesterday after it sat up during the winter months. I only found two fuses, they both looked good...I'm stuck!!!! Thanks....

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    Re: Blades will not engage........

    check all electrical connections by hand making sure they are tight & secure, check air gap at pto clutch three places

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    Re: Blades will not engage........

    Funny you should post this today.
    One of yesterdays call outs was for exactly the same thing.
    Investigations showed the clutch wires had been fouling on the drive pulley above it.
    The wires had been worn bare.
    The mower goes back to the dealer for a warranty repair.
    It looks like AYP has fitted a different clutch from the original design because there is no way the wires can be routed without fouling on the pulley.
    It needs a clutch where the wires come out of the base sideways because there is only about an inch between the clutch & the top pulley.

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