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    Re: Kubota B 4200 lost power

    I'm pretty sure you have air in the injection system.

    Additives are not the answer. Dirty injectors would have other symptoms.

    Get a new fuel filter and install it correctly, which means bleed the air out of the system which may have gotten in while changing the filter. Nothing stops a diesel engine from running quicker than getting air in the injection system. I'm surprised that your engine runs at all if you just put a fuel filter on it without bleeding the system.

    I can't tell you how to bleed your system. If you have a Kubota owners manual, it should tell you. If you don't have a manual, maybe this site has a pdf you can use.

    Good luck.

    Edit to add: You probably ought to verify that the lift pump (the pump that sends fuel to the injection pump; you said you thought it had one) is working.

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    Re: Kubota B 4200 lost power


    After I added the fuel additive and let it run and sit for a while it is running good again

    I pulled the air filter and it was clean all the way to the engine, the fuel filter was clean and no water in the fuel bowl

    Had to be dirty injectors or air in the system that worked its way out

    Thank you for all the help

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year


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