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    Need Outdoor Security Cameras

    Hi, I'm from Mississauga. Already have a good security system in my house. With the motion sensor, CO sensor, smoke detector, a smart lock, cameras inside the house and live monitoring facility. It's been two years and the system is working very well.

    But now I'm thinking about upgrading my home security system. I don't wanna change the existing system. Though I would like to add something more. Mainly I need some outdoor security cameras, Something with night vision will be good. Moreover, one problem with my existing security system is we can't watch the feeds later. So I need a cloud storage facility too.

    The home security systems company I'm hiring now also provides security cameras. So I'm going to call them. But before, Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.


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    Re: Need Outdoor Security Cameras

    You obviously feel insecure. I've never had the need for a security system. We are always armed. Forgot, you are a Canuk so no firearms allowed unless you are a criminal. Glad I don't live up there. Nice to have a choice.

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    Re: Need Outdoor Security Cameras

    We've been into this for a while now. The complete systems with recorder and cameras work decent but the cameras are hit and miss. We have five cameras and two of these we bought separate to get a good picture. Look for a higher number of LEDs for better night vision. Supplied cameras power supply is usually marginal. The recorders do a fair job, nice to look back for several days, but the playback is not so good. Can stream on the internet wherever you are though. Need a pretty large hard drive, and they are run pretty hard so it needs to be a pretty good one. Zmodo is the one we're using now. The listed lens size has more to do with width of field than picture quality. I look for a Sony CMOS, seems to indicate a better quality on the cameras. Get some decent deals on Ebay from time to time. Neighbors might not like it too well, but I work nights so whatever it takes for the wife to feel secure...

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    Re: Need Outdoor Security Cameras

    I have the Lorex poe 4k system. Really sharp visual with good playback.

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    Re: Need Outdoor Security Cameras

    Best security system made ...... Double-Barrel 12 Gauge (short as YOUR state will allow) 2nd best, .. 3 or 4 mean Dobermans ! ..

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    Re: Need Outdoor Security Cameras

    Security cameras aren't always about being afraid of the dark. I use mine to check the sump pump. Put a little light near the sump pump, and a thermometer and it will tell you if your furnace is working, you have power and your basement isn't flooded all with one camera.

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