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    John Deere 445 owner

    Just sayin hi ya'll from the Missouri Ozarks.I picked up a friend's 1997 445 a couple years ago, it needed some help (and still does cosmetically).
    After having commercial mowing operations and lots of nice, hustler and scag zero turn units, I must say that I am impressed with these little tractors for around our private acreage. I prefer the flexibility of purpose that these tractor style offers and the build quality of these John deere 400 series is worth working with(despite mower deck gear boxes😏)
    It doubles as an UTV with the trailer in tow for working beehives(25 colonies) and after rigging a ball hitch on 3 point arms, I can move, boat, utility, log splitter etc around the place from the seat.
    New to the forum and I dont see a place for pics on this section.....but I am sure there must be?


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    Re: John Deere 445 owner

    Welcome to the forum! Yeah the whole 45 and 55 (diesel) JD series we're nice solid machines. I looked at them new and used. Your unit will take the #40 front-end loader.

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    Re: John Deere 445 owner

    Welcome to the forum!

    There's a little picture of a picture on the panel when you're writing a post.
    Just click it, upload an image, and then hit the even tinier "upload files" under it when you're done.

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