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    Need Help With Lawn Cleaning

    Hi, I just bought a house recently. The house is in good condition. But the pool is gross. More like a green pool! It's been minimally maintained over the last two-three years. Not even in a usable condition. The bottom of the pool needs detailed cleaning. Moreover, there are palm trees near the pool. Those palm trees are also making the pool messy.

    So I'm gonna need a very good cleaning service for cleaning the pool. We already tried to clean it ourselves. But we can't do it on our own. Then I tried to contact the previous owner. But he is not responding. Yesterday I called a good house and office cleaning services in Mississauga. But they won't clean the lawn.

    So if you guys have any reliable options, please share it. Also, help me with the palm tree problem if you can. It's good to have em near the pool for the shade. But they're ruining the pool.


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    Re: Need Help With Lawn Cleaning

    Tool hire companies are made for these situations.
    You should be able to hire a yard vacuum oft called a Billy Goat because they were a leading brand.
    They come as push , self propelled, ride on & tow behind.

    Along a similar line are the poo pickers.

    As for palm trees introduce them to a chain saw if they are closer than 5 yards from the water.
    As soon as the fronds start to get old and tattered lop them off.

    Approximate yard size & some photos are always a help.

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    Re: Need Help With Lawn Cleaning

    Call a pool place they are trained in cleaning pools. No one else will know what to use to not destroy the pool.
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