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    Snapper rider with 9.0 Briggs & Stratton

    Mower went over rotary sprinkler head and then the sprinkler spring wrapped around the blade shaft. Cleared wire and restarted. Fifteen minutes later engine sounded funny so I shut it down. Drained crankcase and found it contained much gas. Can anyone give me a diagnosis?



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    Re: Snapper rider with 9.0 Briggs & Stratton

    In my experience: The crankcase loads up with fuel when the needle and seat need replacement...or the float is stuck or has a hole in it. The fuel flow to the carb isn't being shut off when the bowl is full.

    Not a difficult fix, In some older carbs, the seat is made of rubber and can be replaced. In newer ones, the needle has a rubber/nylon tip that seals against a metal or plastic seat, and only the needle is replaceable. Pull your carb, take the bowl off and give it a look. Also check the float to make sure it isn't punctured.

    Soak in some carb cleaner, run a small wire through all the holes, blow out with compressed air, replace what's needed...I'm betting you'll be good to go!

    Post questions if you need more help.

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