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    Echo 58 volt chain saw

    I bought a 58 volt chainsaw a few days ago. It came with the 4 OA battery. I was shocked and amazed at how it cut. That is incredible. I could not see where a homeowner or even a commercial guy would want a gas chainsaw over one of these.

    I have other 58 volt Echo equipment with this battery and the run times are incredible. No gas to mix or worry about spilling or going bad from sitting up. Instant run.


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    Re: Echo 58 volt chain saw

    The problem with all battery tools is availability of batteries.
    I have several perfectly good tools less than 10 years old that can no longer be used because batteries for them are no longer available.
    OTOH I have a Stihl 070 ( lightning ) chain saw from 1978 that not only runs well but all parts are available for it.
    So I probably will still be running it for another 40 years.
    The trick to sustainability is long service life for consumer durable products
    I also have several laptops that are in the same boat, perfectly good but can only be run from external power sources because the batteries are NLA

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