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    Smile Kubota G5200

    As a thirty+ year John Deere 318 owner (re powered in the late 90's with a Honda Ohv 24hp ) I never considered upgrading to anything else It provided me with with Great mowing ,leaf bagging and snow blowing (2 stage 47") having 2 driveways with enough space for several tractor trailers to park made the blower very important.
    Anyway a recent relocation found me without a tractor as (even though I priced it at what I thought was high) the new owner of my house was pretty insistent on having the Deere
    Which left me without a tractor for my New home 1.5 acres of grass and again 2 driveways although they are smaller
    With my son suggesting a Kubota, I checked them out, finding newer models pricing greater than I desired I found my current ride a late 1980"s Kubota G5200 for a price I was willing to pay, it came with 48" mower, snowblower wheel weights,chains and owners manuals a number of replacement filters and of course the torquey diesel
    Being a diesel guy (Cummins, Caterpillar , Detroit 71 and 60 series in work vehicles and a Duramax in my pickup I'm hoping to wring a few more years out of this machine
    Looking forward to reading and posting questions and answers in this forum


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    Re: Kubota G5200

    Welcome to the forum!

    Hopefully, that Kubota will prove itself to be almost a John Deere
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