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    Landscape and garden for my grandma

    Last day I heard a discussion on gardening. The discussion was on the advantages of gardening. After hearing the discussion I remember the beautiful days in Mississauga where my grandparents use to garden and experiment different garden techniques. They were the happiest couple that I had ever seen. I lost my grandfather last year and now my grandma is not interested in anything. Both of them were interested in gardening. My grandpa had hired a commercial landscape service and set a landscape. He himself designed the landscape. It was the most beautiful area in my house. They use to spend a long time there. After his loss, my grandma spends time in the garden and cried a lot. So I decided to sell the house and move to another place.
    But till she is with his memories. I need my grandma back. She sits lonely for hours. I have to make her busy or engaged in some activities. I think gardening can recover her. She loved plants and nature. Since we donít have enough space for gardening in our flat, I would like to know the possibilities of indoor gardening so that I can make her engaged. How can I set an indoor garden? Is it too expensive? We both live within a small budget. I don't have to spend too much on this. So anyone please help me with some ideas to recover her.


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    Re: Landscape and garden for my grandma

    This is a spiritual matter.
    Only faith and beliefs can help someone in these circumstances.

    Part of your grandmother has can keeping loving her and in time maybe she can get better.
    You seem to love her a lot.

    Plant a garden and have her teach you how.

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