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    Unhappy D105 PTO won't engage - replaced belt & PTO engagement cable

    New to this, My John Deere D105 is about six years old. Working fine, I was almost done cutting the grass, with a small patch remaining. My came over to talk about something, I turned the mower off. But when tried starting again, the PTO won't engage. I didn't hear a pop or any sound that i can recall. So started looking online for possible causes. First thing, Belt might be too lose, so bought a new belt and replaced it. Still no blade engagement. Second thing I read was the PTO engagement cable might have gone bad. Ordered the cable and replaced it. Turned the Mower ON, PTO still won't engage. So running out of options to try,which I found online. The next they tell me is the Idler pulley replacement, should I go ahead and order it ($120). When I turn the PTO handle from Off to ON, the pulley on the deck only moves may be 1/4 of an inch. I saw in Home depot the newer models (E110) that pulley moved a whole lot more. Any suggestion to get this resolved and getting be back to cutting grass will be appreciated!


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    Re: D105 PTO won't engage - replaced belt & PTO engagement cable

    Starting at the top
    Have a good look at the short lever that pulls on the cable under the steering wheel.
    It is held onto the PTO lever by a bolt
    There should be no movement between the shaft & the lever, if there is then the bolt is broken and the lever will most likely be damaged beyond use.
    It is part 11 in this diagram
    Now down at the deck end , the cable mounts into bracket # 19 which is adjustable and fits into the tensioning arm about 1/2 way along.
    The pulley should move about 2" to 3".
    Check the tensioning arm # 12 and the mounting bolt.
    The hole in the arm floggs out oval and a very small amount of play there makes a big difference at the pulley end.

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