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    What to plant on the other side of the sidewalk?

    I recently moved to a corner home. I have sidewalk on 2 sides and therefore streetside strips about 5 feet wide. I was wondering if Liriope Spicata might do well there or what other folks have planted as a low-maintenance alternative to turf in the south or southwest. I have no irrigation system and have to haul hoses/sprinklers around. I'd like something like a groundcover that won't get me in trouble with the city but can hold-up well against Texas summer conditions.

    The soil here seems to be sandy and our water is soft - high in magnesium , so I suspect the soil is or 'trends' to lower pH. In one of the streetside strips I am fighting sandbur (Cenchrus) and they also occur in a few spots elsewhere. I was thinking about trying the lilyturf in this troublesome spot. Hoping in 2-3 seasons it would fill-in.

    what other plants should I consider?


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