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    Careful buying belts from Tractor Supply

    Drive belt was slipping on the mower again. Go to the TSC website, type in the belt part number, and the belt comes up, but it's a different number. And I'm the description it said this is the new part number for that belt. So i I go to the store, find the belt, pay 29.99, go to put it on, about 3 inches too short. So right now I'm madder than a wet hen, Look on the cub Cadet website and I see nothing about the part number changing. So I called Cub cadet, and they confirmed that the belt number had not been changed. Luckily I found a MTD belt $5 more, but it will fit..


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    Re: Careful buying belts from Tractor Supply

    Some aftermarket belts are OK, some are not.
    I have found that, with regard to MTD drive belts, it is best to use OEM belts.
    Length differences aside, the angle of the "V" taper is apparently unique to MTD belts.
    I had installed an "equivalent" belt on my MTD variable speed drive mower and had to
    virtually shut the engine off in order to shift from forward to reverse, as the slightly different
    taper of the belt would not release from the drive pulleys.

    Deck belts may be fine to sub, but I stay with OEM on those as well.
    Your Cub Cadet was probably made by MTD.
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    Re: Careful buying belts from Tractor Supply

    The only cross refference that you can trust is Gates.
    Their web site recognises nearly all of the mower companies part numbers and brings up an EXACT equivalent if Gates makes one ,
    It will also recognise most USA belt makers part numbers, Rotary part numbers, Stens part numbers, most car part numbers .
    Try it with the wrong belt and see what comes up.

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    Re: Careful buying belts from Tractor Supply

    Thanks for that link, Bert.

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