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    Kohler Magnum 18 (Ariens Tractor) act like running out of fuel

    Engine runs strong then after mowing awhile acts like running out of fuel. Pull out choke and it keeps running enough to get back to garage. I cleaned carb and it looked excellent no corrosion or sediment. check fuel and was not getting fuel to carb from mechanical pump. dissembled pump and found the in valve was leaking so swapped the in and out valves. Engine started and worked great for an hour so back to square 1 same issue. I installed a new pump, filter and fuel lines also noted grass clippings in the tank so removed them as well. Started up and cut grass for and hour back to square 1. Odd that the applying choke will keep it running like its out of fuel. Not sure if coil can affect this also thinking of rebuilding the card although it was very clean. Would a bad coil act like running out of fuel? Also when it does run, everything is normal at idle and high throttle. Appreciate any insight or help on this.


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    Re: Kohler Magnum 18 (Ariens Tractor) act like running out of fuel

    You were correct.
    If it dies then responds to choke you either have a lack of fuel or an air leak after the carb,
    Double check all of the fuel lines, try loosening the fuel cap, if air can not get in fuel can not get out.
    Newer models have a vent line to the tank which also gets blocked.

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