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    Raptor SD problems

    In 2016 I bought a Raptor SD, 54" deck and Kohler engine. I really enjoy mowing with it, but am starting to get a little frustrated with a variety of problems I've had.

    The plate/brace between the hydros broke. Dealer replaced it and the mechanic said the new brace is heavier and will not break again. Apparently others had the same problem.
    One of the 2 coils on the motor failed.
    Now the tires are giving me troubles. One rear tire wouldn't hold air between mowings. Sprayed it with soapy water and that revealed a leaking sidewall. After a few minutes it looked like the sidewall had shaving cream on it. I was given a new tire.
    Now a front tire keeps going flat.
    All of it has been fixed under warranty with no questions asked, and the dealer has been perfect to work with.
    Are these common problems?
    Do these components fail on the commercial mowers also?
    Early in the 3rd season it has 130sih hours on it. Is that a lot for a residential mower, and should I consider a low end commercial unit?
    Thank you.


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    Re: Raptor SD problems

    The hydro cross brace was too light. It was replaced with a heavier and better design. Make sure you remove the bolts the dealer reinstalled the new cross brace with longer, grade eight bolts that will have the shank come thru the hydro and brace requiring at least one heavy flat washer on the bolt. Do NOT leave any threads inside the cross brace.

    Yes, all the other things you've experienced are just normal wear and tear. Nothing to worry about. When something comes up while in warranty, let the factory take care of you and maybe you'll not experience any further problems for years to come.

    Just so that you are aware, lawnmower tires are not much to begin with and thus they fail often such as uv rays breaking down the materials faster than a highway tire. Just run the thing like you stole it. Fix it if you break it and you'll enjoy the machine much more, most likely.

    Great machines for all types of purchasers.

    Welcome to the Hustler World,


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