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    AcrEase Tow-Pull behind mower

    Hi, I am wondering if any of you have used a tow-pull behind mower made by Kunz Engineering of Mendota, IL? I mow about 3 acres of grass here in central New York and bought a used one two years ago. It was only in fair shape so it was fairly cheap but it came with an owners manual that had been obtained by the store selling it. I paid $500 and have put about another $500 dollars into new blades, 4 new wheels, and a new spindle. So far this year it has been running great. Iy is a 5 foot cut and I pull it with my John Deere X575 tractor which also has a 5 foot cut so with an overlap of about 12 inches, I can cut 9 feet of grass at a time.

    When I first contacted the manufacturer, I spoke with the owner, Gary Kunz. He was fantastic. He helped me identify the unit I had purchased and answered every question that I had. I think he has a great product and his customer service is second to none.


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