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    Starter Stays Engaded Even With Ignition Off

    I'm currently dealing with a starter/starter solenoid issue with my dad's lawn mower. It is a 13hp John Deere LT133 with a Kohler engine. Nearly every time I start the mower, the starter stays engaged even when I turn the key to the off position. Even if the engine starts, it stays engaged. It does not make any grinding noises or anything, but the solenoid stays engaged so that the gear moves up and contacts the flywheel. You can also hear the starter motor whirring as it normally would. The only way I can get it to disengage and shut off is to release the clutch. Also, if the engine starts and I turn the key off, the engine will shut off, but the starter will still be going. It obviously stops if I disconnect the battery also. Am I just dealing with a wiring issue? Is there a switch on the clutch that is connected to the ignition switch somehow or is it all mechanical? I just removed the entire wiring assembly for inspection and the ignition switch looks horrible. I'm going to clean the contacts and maybe even try to disassemble the switch to clean the internal contacts as well. Any suggestions in the meantime?


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    Re: Starter Stays Engaded Even With Ignition Off

    Could be a bad key switch or solenoid. start by replacing the solenoid.
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    Re: Starter Stays Engaded Even With Ignition Off

    Quote Originally Posted by EngineMan View Post
    Could be a bad key switch or solenoid. start by replacing the solenoid.
    Agree the solenoid could be hanging, and not retracting the starter gear.


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