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    Hello everyone. New guy from Canada

    Both my old mowers (late '90s Columbia lawn tractor and unknown year Lawn Boy push mower) died in two years.

    The Lawn Boy's deck started falling apart in Fall 2016. I needed an immediate replacement. I went shopping for a new mower, but so late in the season all places were stocking snowblowers for the coming winter. I had very specific requirements : 21" max, light, non-powered wheels, no mulching, no bag, no electric start. Overall, a very basic mower. I use it to reach places the tractor can't.

    I only shopped big box stores (probably a mistake). All I could find were the highly expensive ones with so many options I bet air conditioning and bluetooth were available on them. Finally at a hardware store I found one that fit my needs. It was the last of its model in stock and still in the box. I had to use my phone and search the model # to see what it looked like and its specs. When all boxes checked, I brought it home. I'm a bit disappointed in the quality of this mower and how thin the deck is. It probably won't last as long as the Lawn Boy. It has a B&S engine and proudly displays "Never change the oil, just check & add" which I don't believe. After a bit over a year of use, I decided to change the oil anyway. Thick grey molasses came out of it. So much for B&S' claim.

    Last year, the engine in my Columbia lawn tractor quit. It was neglected & worn out when I got it (for free) but I managed to get 7 more years of service out of it. I had seen people use zero turn mowers and seeing how easily they could get around trees, I decided this is what I would get when the tractor dies. So when the engine started smoking a lot due to an oil leak, I decided this was the perfect excuse to go for it.

    This time, I shopped dealers. Kubota was way too expensive, Columbia didn't have what I wanted in stock, Ariens was closed that week for whatever reason, John Deere was interesting and I almost bought one. While talking to my father, mowers came on the subject and he suggested I visit the old Toro dealer which was a bit further in another town. I didn't even think about Toro nor did I ever notice there was a dealer there despite passing by a few times per year.

    Toro was the only one that not only had the one I wanted in stock, but let me try the actual model I was interested in on their own property. Since it was mid summer, I was dealing with the shop owner as most of his salesmen/mechanics were on vacation. Toro had two advantages on John Deere :

    1- Toro's rear engine shield is made of metal and is bolted to the frame. You can actually tow a trailer with it. JD's was plastic with no possibility of towing. I would have to go up in price to another series to gain this privilege. I actually have to tow a small trailer to bring along my push mower to reach a second property where I take care of the lawn.

    2- Toro was among the cheapest ones.

    I then brought home a SS4200, the only option I selected was the hour meter. I kept the default Toro (Loncin) 452cc engine.

    I'm happily using it since. Much more enjoyable and fast than my tractor. The engine is powerful enough for my needs and it's sooooo easier to get around my many trees.


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    Re: Hello everyone. New guy from Canada

    Welcome to the forum!

    That Toro sounds like a good choice
    LawnWorld Support

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    Re: Hello everyone. New guy from Canada

    Welcome Broo!

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    Re: Hello everyone. New guy from Canada


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