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    New Guy in Delaware

    Just chiming in. Fairly new to zero turns. Had a Husqvarna 248f since last summer, but the seat killed me and I was always slipping down. My yard perimeter has two sides with ditches and the rear wheels just wouldn't track well. Other than that it cut great. However I traded it in for a Gravely ZT HD 48 with the Kawasaki engine. So far I love it. The deck seems a bit noisy but the overall quality and beefiness of it is incredible. The handling of it is way superior to what I have been used to. I only have a 1 acre yard and this mower is way more than what I need but I'm sure this mower will probably be the last I ever buy!


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    Re: New Guy in Delaware

    Welcome to the forum.

    Congrats on your latest mower. It sounds like it ended up being the right one
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