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    Re: High Speed Idle Adjustment

    A friend called asking if I would raise his motor's WOT RPM. He has the same motor as I do, KT740. His is the exact same mower as my Cub Cadet, except that his is a 54" deck. I removed the screw, hooked up the tach, warmed the motor, and adjusted the WOT to 3,600 RPM with the blades engaged, 3,710 no load. I asked if he wanted me to slow it down a tad, but he didn't and is very happy with it. He mowed his yard and absolutely loves the way it cuts now. As I said earlier, this bolt's only purpose is to limit WOT adjustment. It doesn't hold anything or clamp anything. It is just a screw through a hole, nothing more.

    I mowed today, I'm thoroughly impressed by the difference of the cut quality after raising the WOT RPM.

    Here is the picture of his mower and the screw that I removed is circled. Then adjust as BlazNT instructed.

    High RPM limit bolt 2.jpg



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