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    Well it cost me a grand total of just under 5 bucks but I got the Husqvarna going. I went and got a quart of SAE 30 and a can of carb cleaner I had to reattach the pull rope since it had broken at the knot, pulled the carburetor off carefully removed the bowl and float with float needle then sprayed everything out both ways with the carb cleaner and chased it all with air and surprisingly to me there were no removable parts as everything appeared to be pressed in and no idle screw to mess with either I then let the mower run for several minutes to warm up the oil before I dumped it and refilled with fresh I then took the blade off and gave it a quick cleanup and edge. I am happy that the mower starts very easily and cuts like a champ


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    Re: Success

    Congrats. Job well done.
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