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    How much does a bin cost?

    We were in a position where we had to clear out our yard. So I had to contact a trash removal service in Toronto. The wastes in the yard cannot be reused. After cleaning the yard, I had to set a landscape. It is also the best place to grow plants. After the renovation of my house, we dumped all the unwanted things to the yard. At that time, we didn't find any better services for its removal. And now if we get a bin for rent, I can clear the whole yard and remove the landscape wastes. How much does a bin cost? Many of them told me that it is better to search rental services, rather than buying the bins. I can dump all the wastes in the bin so that it is easy for junk removals. While searching for a bin rental, I came to know about dumpsters. I didn't find any difference between them. Can we use both for waste removals?


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