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    I have a Craftsman/BS lawnmower. It has been sitting for a minimum of 10 years.

    The time has come for me to start cutting my own lawn again. So I put some gas in the tank and it was leaking out the primer bulb. Did some research on the forum and decided to pull the carb off for a look. Sure enough the needle was stuck, saw that the jet was blocked, and lots of buildup. I replaced the gas line, spark plug, and air filter. Cleaned out the carb with some carb cleaner and some air. Since the gaskets and seals didn't look bad I rolled the dice and didn't replace any. I reassembled and it started on the third pull. So far so good. No leaks. Before browsing the form I figured the issue would be with the carb but really had no idea what would be causing the issue. Planning on an oil change next weekend.

    Thanks for those previous post for other forum member issues!


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