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    JD lt180 grinding noise when forward

    Hi all,

    Have a John Deere lt180 automatic with 42" freedom cut deck. Has about 200 hours on it. Yesterday mowing as usual and all of a sudden a grinding noise started underneath the seat. It happens each time I press the forward pedal and I don't think I would move forward much at all if any. I was worried I would do further damage so shut it down and pushed into barn. It doesn't happen when pushing the reverse pedal. I can go backwards it seems ok. Also, when I push the clutch pedal in on right side (pedal pushed when starting mower) the grinding noise happens but will stop if let that pedal go back to its rest position.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: JD lt180 grinding noise when forward

    Remove the deck and take a good look at the drive belt and tensioner pulleys. My bet is a bad pulley, but I would replace the belt at the same time.
    This is only my opinion, and many will say it ain't worth a darn, as I'm only a retired grease monkey instructor and not a professional mechanic. Use what I post at your own risk as you know teachers only know book knowledge.

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