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    Lawn and garden bed

    Hi, I have a lawn in front of my house and was thinking of giving it a new look. I love gardening and would like to plant some chrysanthemum flowers there. I wish to go for a garden bed in the left side portion of the lawn. I need the bed to be aesthetic, rather than simply giving protection to the plants. I was searching for some materials other than the basic material, wood, for building my garden bed and saw this blog. [ ]. I would like to get suggestions on making a garden bed with a cinderblock. Any precautions or special things to be noted while making a garden bed using cinderblock? I read that it is durable too. All suggestions are welcome.


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    Re: Lawn and garden bed

    Hello and welcome to the Forums!

    Building a flower bed can be quite simple. Many tend to think that you need to create some sort of boarder made out of wood, blocks, etc. You can simply remove the lawn where your flower bed will take place and dig a boarder with an edging spade or what ever else you have to make some sort of boarder. After that, you simply need to do it another time in the year to keep it nice and fresh.

    I also suggest using mulch to reduce watering frequencies and to discourage weed growth.

    Altho, if you really want to create a boarder, you can use some sort of brick that is made for this. Your local garden supply can help you with this. I've personally never seen cinder blocks for gardening, but it sounds like an original idea!

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    Re: Lawn and garden bed

    The biggest mistake people make with garden beds is making them with strait lines so matter what you do they look artifical.
    Round or oval beds look better because that is a natural shape and large round is easy to maintain & mow around.
    If you use a strait line, cut in bed everyone will eyeball the sides and notice any inconsistencey with your strait sides where as round beds with funny patches do not get noticed because you can not see around corners.
    It is better for the garden if it is raised and what I always try to do is make a seat of some type all around the wall.
    This gives you somewhere to sit & enjoy your flowers and even better , some where dry to kneel when you tend your bed.
    If you make a wood or steel seat then put stones & pebbles under the seat, big ones against the wall getting smaller towards the lawn.
    Then you can spray them with glyco for weed control and if you pick a light colour the slight overspray onto the grass will not be noticed.

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    Re: Lawn and garden bed

    One of my customers has cinderblock garden beds in her backyard. Nothing wrong with them, they're just a pain to mow around because the yard is so small.

    I would highly suggest making a border around the bed to help keep weeds and grass out. Easier to maintain.

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