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    True capatilism has never exists and never will.
    The instant a few operators become dominant in any field, they form group to manipulate the market to their own advantage, be it a chamber of Commerce , a trade union ,an oil cartel , a college of shipping lines , a society of merchant bankers or even drug smugglers.
    Next the laws are not written for the benefit of the masses they are written to protect the property & power of the wealthy, from the masses, which should be no surprise because they are written by the wealthy & powerful in the first place.
    Finally, no business can survive without things like law & order, unless you think you should be providing your own shotgun weilding body & business guards, driving on the roads you built to your customers properties.
    If people are spending all their spare money on educating their kids or looking after their health then they have no money left over to buy whatever it is you are trying to sell them.

    Even good old Henry Ford realised that if he wanted people to buy his cheap cars he needed to pay his workers more so they could afford his cars.


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