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    Quote Originally Posted by bertsmobile1 View Post
    POR 15 Chassis paint is a furane resin that reacts with water.
    It does not generate any gas when it reacts and goes hard so there are no micropores for water to penetrate.
    It was developed by the US navy ( AFAIK ) for painting ship hull.
    Once fully cured on a properly preparred surface it can not be removed by anything short of a grinding disc.
    However nothing is perfect and it is not UV stable so has to be top coated if it is exposed to sunlight,

    I use about a gallon of it a year for painting old decks.
    Once painted that is the last time it will rust.
    I used it on the hire cars that live out in the weather and not a spot of rust in 15 years outdoors.

    We also paint the insides of steel rainwater tanks and they never rust either.
    Since becoming a mower mechanic I use it on mower decks and particularly on push mowers where the height adjuster locates with a pin through a hole in the base.
    No more wear of the holes ( the steel distorts & bends but the holes do not enlarge.
    The new water based paints! I'd not made the connection. Of course there are other applications for this chemical process. The major paint companies, Behr, for example, are using this technology. They are odorless, fast drying, easy handling, and put latex to shame. Just don't let them dry on your skin. I used a couple of pints to paint a bedroom. (sample sizes) Very cool stuff. Only one drip.
    I'm shopping for an old SUV. The one I saw in for repairs at my mechanics could have used the stuff....a few years ago. The 2000 Yukon's bottom panels were ....gone... where winter salt had kicked up on the paint. The Yukons that have been kept garaged and cleaned stay intact.


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