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    cub cadet 173cc push mower problems

    just pulled out the mower today it started on first try but died primed bulb did the same thing. started it again and as long as you keep pushing the primer bulb it will stay running but soon as you quit it will die. i have taken the carb off and cleaned it out needle and jets. put back together and it does the same thing even tried without the gas cap on just in case cap vents were clogged. any help would be appeciated.
    the model # 12ae18ja056 it is a electric start 173cc


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    Re: cub cadet 173cc push mower problems

    main jet is still clogged. there usually is 1 tiny pin hole that everyone misses. That is the important hole.

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    Re: cub cadet 173cc push mower problems

    The secret to carb cleaning is air pressure. I always soak carb in distilled vinegar, then use an air compressor to blow out all openings and orfices. That works 90% of the time.
    JMAC Small Engine Repair, Monmouth Illinois

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