View Poll Results: Which Type of Gas Would you Buy for Your 2 Cycle Equipment?

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  • Regular Non Ethanol

    45 70.31%
  • 93 With Ethanol

    8 12.50%
  • 89 With Ethanol

    11 17.19%
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    Re: Which type of gas would you buy for your 2 cycle equipment?

    This pol only gives 3 choices. the best choice is not mentioned.

    The best choice is what the MFG specs for octane with out ethanol. If given only those 3 choices, I would meet the octane rating 1st and worry about the ethanol 2nd.

    using non ethanol gas in 87 octane could be a disaster for some 2 cycle motors. I did not read all 3 pages here but I saw some have mentioned that at least one popular MFG specs 93 Octane. Many 2 cycle motors spec 89 or higher. So any kind of regular gas (usually 87 octane) would not be a good choice. Pre ignition can be a problem in 2 cycles.

    If you are going to use up all the gas pretty quickly ethanol should not be a problem. Don't let it scare you. Just understand its limitations.

    From the results so far in this pol, I think it scares a lot of people.

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    Re: Which type of gas would you buy for your 2 cycle equipment?

    Post Deleted. Didn't realize I had already replied to this thread.

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    Re: Which type of gas would you buy for your 2 cycle equipment?

    No corn gas in any of my outdoor equipment.
    My 2 strokes start and run a lot better with plain gas, my 4 strokes start right up every spring and run great.

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    Re: Which type of gas would you buy for your 2 cycle equipment?

    Quote Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
    ...Didn't realize I had already replied to this thread.
    That's what happens when the alcohol didn't land in the tank where it was supposed to.
    Seriously, I don't want alcohol in my fuel, if I can avoid it. You don't save much money from mixed fuel use and you lose a little horsepower.
    The only 2-cycle equipment I have running at the moment is one of these of which i could use all the horsepower I can get for it:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Which type of gas would you buy for your 2 cycle equipment?

    TRUFUEL....if gas, nothing with ethanol in it!

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    Re: Which type of gas would you buy for your 2 cycle equipment?

    Ethanol in petrol is just a gimmick to lower the percentage of CO2 in the exhaust because it has more hydrogen, which makes H20 when burned.
    As with most "improvements that are mandatory, it cost you more in the long run because the energy content of ethanol is a lot lot lower than petrol.
    When we used to race on dope, the carb jet was 4 times larger than for petrol.
    The only advantage is it is harder to ignite so you can run higher compression ratios before the fuel self ignites ( diesels ).
    Now most mowers run around 8.5:1 so the ethanol is of no use whatsoever.
    If it was good and worked better it would not be mandated, we would all be using it by choice.

    The most important thing, ethanol or not is the age of the fuel before you get your hands on it.
    This is far more critical with ethanol blends that strait petrol.

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