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    Question Floating or fixed deck

    I would imagine this is a difficult question to answer without considering the specific terrain ( so I think )
    however I am curious to know if a floating or fixed deck does a better job of cutting grass, as far as the appearance of the finished cut ?

    I have a 1/2 acre and I would describe it as uneven since there are high and low spots ( within 1 to 4 inches) due to settled areas etc. It I cut the front lawn with the 21 Toro, it seems to look much better that if I cut it with my Sears 42 deck that floats on my tractor.

    I also notice that many new commercial mowers now are designed with floating decks, so please let m know what type of deck Generally Speaking provides the better result!


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    Re: Floating or fixed deck

    I been a big fan of 'floating' since before the bi-centennial. We cut low here because we hit golf balls out in the back yard, to do properly that requires a fairway cut.

    With the deck lifter springs adjusted correctly the deck, like a scuba diver correctly weighted, a deck will attain a zero gravity effect. That is, the deck should stay where you place it...mostly.

    I suppose in theory floating may benefit with the cutting of an undulating yard too...but I dunno for sure.

    Our last 3 tractors had to be modified to float with an improvised bale like shown below.

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    Re: Floating or fixed deck

    If your yard is not PERFECTLY flat, then I would say a floating deck is better because it will reduce scalping, since it can contour with the land.

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