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    Scag Tiger Cub throwing the deck drive V belt

    The drive v belt tensioner has the same bearings in it, I'm going to replace them and the drive v belt soon. I had replaced the pulleys a while back when I did the 2nd drive V belt change.
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    Scag Tiger Cub throwing the deck drive V belt

    Yes they are sealed bearings and there are two of them in each tension idler arm. Scag P/N 48224 which is a 99502H. These bearings are on all Velocity decks and may also be on older decks. These bearings don't turn very much during operation, but in time the balls make deep grooves in the outer...
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    Scag Tiger Cub throwing the deck drive V belt

    Hi Folks, My 2008 Scag Tiger Cub with a V48 deck started throwing the deck drive V belt. I put the belt back around the tensioner pulley only to have it come off again in about an hour. With the deck drive belt off the deck pulleys, the tensioner arm had a lot of twisting movement. I removed the...
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    Scag STC48A-19KA hydraulic pump o-rings

    Tighten the hose clamps on the return hoses around the pump tops.
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    Oregon 82-325 Cast Iron Spindle replacement for Scag 46631

    The bearings are not sealed, but the spindle shaft has a seal top and bottom. The bearings (2) are tapered roller bearings with a cup and cone facing each other on the spindle shaft. Grease the Oregon replacement spindle the same as a Scag OEM spindle which is the same as their response.
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    2014 Scag Tiger Cat....Bad Kitty Kitty!!!

    Close to the key switch is the cranking relay. When all the safety circuits are lined correctly, the module will allow a ground to the relay an permit cranking of the engine.
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    BR600 back to top performance!

    Hi Troops, My BR600 was loosing power and stalling. Replaced the loose fuel hose from the primer to the carb. This cured the stalling but not the performance. Finally went to the dealer and bought the thickness gauge and a gasket. Did the valve adjustment per the manual and it is back to full...
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    Problems with 2008 tiger Cub finally resolved!

    Hi Troops, Had been having problems with the L/H drive side with it hesitating going into reverse, so last spring I replaced the L/H pump, but the problem was still there. Briggs engine developed an oil leak at the sump gasket which continued to get worse. This is the 2nd engine on this...
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    Mower Jack Question

    The pics are a MoJack Pro. The wheel lifts are adjustable and with straps. And as has been mentioned, release the machine parking brake so it will roll as the jack is being raised.
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    Engine oil leak on Scag with Briggs Commercial Turf engine

    Hi again Troops, The engine is back together and installed on the machine and running. Still need to install the clutch and as I have a new clutch in my stash, I'm going to install it as the bearings in the old clutch are noisy and rough just turning it by hand in addition to the fact that it...
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    Engine oil leak on Scag with Briggs Commercial Turf engine

    Hi Troops, Over that last few weeks my Scag Tiger Cub has developed an engine oil leak. Today I removed the engine and checked where the oil is leaking from. In the pic with the blow gun tip is pointed, the engine base gasket is where the leak is located. It is a metal gasket and when I blow air...
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    Repairs Adding analog hourmeter scag

    Most if not all Turf Tigers have the hourmeter connected to the PTO switch and will only clock mower running time. No doubt that Scag has had problems with their hourmeters. After two Scag hourmeters crapped out on me I finally went with a Hobbs/Honeywell analog hourmeter. The Hobbs meter is...
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    Just replaced the L/H pump on my Tiger Cub

    What was supposed to be a fairly easy job turned into a nasty job!!! No matter what I did to attempt to remove the pump drive pulley, I failed to remove the pulley and ended up cutting it off with a die grinder. I have a pit in my garage which makes underside work on machines easier, but this...
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    Problem with new battery in my Tiger Cub

    Recently bought a new battery at Tractor Supply, the 420 CA/350 CCA one and installed it in my Tiger Cub. Today I cleaned the deck, sharpened the blades and mowed my lawn. As I was blowing off the dust, I raised up the seat and noticed that both battery terminals had been contacting the...
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    Layed up my Scag Tiger Cub for the season

    Hi Troops, After cleaning up about 2,400 bushels of mostly leaves and pine needles, I did all the lubes, changed filters and oils, drained the fuel, ran the engine out of gas and removed the battery. As the season was winding down, I noticed that the left drive system was becoming increasingly...
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    Milsco V 5300 suspension seat on my Tiger Cub

    Hi Troops, After almost a year using this seat, I finally connected the operator presence switch!!! I had forgot this seat had a switch and was looking for information about this seat and found that all of this model have an operator presence switch installed. I disconnected the seat switch on...
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    Scag in need of new engine, advice needed.

    Bear in mind that the engine will be shipped with no engine oil. I recommend using dino oil for the first 50 hours then you may use full synthetic. As with every engine repower, there are other things that may need to be addressed, for example, the hydraulic drive belt and idler/tensioner...
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    New to me Tiger Cat

    Hi Sonders, There is no doubt that the front weldment is bent back at the right caster. This part is available from Scag but no doubt pricey!!! You can remove this piece and take it to a frame straightening shop, you will need to get the measurements from another 61" Tiger Cat. I have the same...
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    Serious vibration while mowing with my Tiger Cub

    Hi fellow Scag operators, Was mowing yesterday with collection and a nasty vibration came on quickly. Checked out my machine today and two conditions were found. 1st, the deck drive belt had lost a 2" long chunk out of it and the inner bearing on the collection blower was going bad. As I keep...
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    Briggs carb problem that I caused!

    Hi Troops, My 2008 Scag Tiger Cub has a 30 HP Briggs Commercial Turf that I installed several years ago. About six weeks ago I removed the blower housing, cleaned under the flywheel, around the cylinders, around the carb and air filter housing with HP air from my compressor and put it all back...