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    Proud new Gravely owner!

    Well took delivery and mowed with my new ZT60HD tonight. I am very happy with it. My grass was very thick and tall having not been mowed in over 2 weeks. I'd say it averaged 10" tall and this thing walked right through it. Now I did need to slow down a little to get a good quality cut, but still...
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    Display model?

    Would a ZT model that has been sitting outside in the rain for several months scare you for any reason? I am sure it is not a big deal but looking for opinions. Thanks.
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    Buying On Ebay?

    I understand the concept behind buying at your local dealer so the service beyond the sale is good, etc. But has anyone ever bought online? I mean, we are talking an easy grand in savings on the same models I could buy locally, with shipping included. ure i will have to un-crate it and do some...
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    Where can I get pricing on these mowers online?
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    Help me decide ZT mower

    Hello. I am looking to purchase a new ZT for my acerage. I have narrowed it down to a Gravely ZT52HD and a Country Clipper Edge XLT 52. The Gravely's advantages are 3100 Hydro units and the Clipper uses the 2800 units, the customer service by the guy selling them is unmatched, and it is $165...