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    Hard start

    Yes oem carb---lines and filter replaced---new plug---good spark----always shake the fuel---new air filter---I'll remove the spark arrestor. thanks for your reply, gregjo1948
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    Hard start

    Small Poulan chainsaw with new fuel, new plug, and new carb. Adjusted new carb so it ran very good at idle and top end but it is hard to get running. Has a primer bulb and a choke. Label says to press bulb 6 times for cold start. I've tried no priming to 8 pumps with choke and without choke...
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    Turned out the starter wasn't cranking it over fast enough. Swapped a starter from another Kawasaki I had in the shop and it started so fast, it startled me.
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    Valve adjustment

    Thanks to all for the replies. I can't give you the engine numbers because as soon as I got it running, the landscaper took it back to mowing. This time of year in upstate NY, the lawn mowing contractors can't have downtime as the grass grows almost fast enough to see it happening.
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    Kawasaki FH430v-AS26-R surging engine issue

    Is the carb replacement new? Surging, I've found to be a lean fuel mixture. Engine runs a little too low on fuel so, it opens the governor to compensate and then it gets a bit too much fuel causing the rpms to rise. Then the governor backs off causing a drop in rpms. This rise and fall in...
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    Got a Fh580V that doesn't like to start but runs fine once it does start. Has very good spark .Has nearly new rings but doesn't have much compression. Was running good then became harder and harder to start. Valves are fine and new head gaskets. Hit it with starting fluid and it wants to...
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    Valve adjustment

    Just came across a Kawasaki twin with a different type of valve adjustment than I've worked on before. I had a customer bring a Ferris walk behind with a two cylinder Kawasaki engine. He was in a rush to get it repaired so, I gave it a quick look. He said an employee was mowing and it stopped...
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    Had to special order it. Has a Kawasaki 200.50 hp engine too. I found the model number on the Hydro-Gear transaxle ZJ-GMFE-3B5B-1PLX Having trouble finding the correct seal kit for it. I can find kits but they don't cross reference the kit number to the transaxle number. Does anybody know...
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    Kawasaki missing

    Can not remove carb or intake manifold without removing the exhaust system.
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    Kawasaki missing

    I got in a 2017 Ferris walk behind with a Kawasaki FX651V 20.5 hp engine. It is missing on the left cylinder at lower rpms. It has great compression and spark. It will run fine on both cylinders by applying a bit of choke which leads me to believe there's a blockage in the carburetor. In order...
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    I got in a 2017 Ferris walk behind 52' deck and a Kawasaki 20.5 hp engine. There's a hydraulic oil leak coming from the left transaxle. It appears to be coming out of about a 1/2" shaft or plug on the wheel side of the unit. I can't determine exactly what it is. I haven't been able to see it...
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    parking brake

    Working on Ferris walk behind 5900679-52"-25hp. Is there any way to adjust the parking brake? Left side holds fair but, the right side holds nothing. Also the motion control bar doesn't stay up and has to be held up to start the engine. thanks, gregjo1948
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    Ferris walk behind won't stop

    I'm working on Ferris walk behind 5900679 that the operator presence handles don't shut off the machine. With the blades engaged and removing hands from the operator presence handles, the machine continues to run. The safety switch to the handles is functioning as it should so why doesn't the...
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    Ferris 5900678 belt

    I'm working on a Ferris 5900678 walk behind with a 52"deck. I got a new belt #5104065YP that is too long. The best I can determine is, it's the correct number. I wonder if anyone knows what the length of the correct belt should be or did I order the wrong belt? I'm wondering if the new belt may...
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    FH580V spring

    Where does the governor spring attach at the opposite end from the governor arm? thanks, gregjo1948
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    FH580V valve seats

    Where can I get a reasonably priced valve seat cutter/grinder for a FH580V? Also, what are the diameters of the valves and the valve guides? thank you, gregjo1948
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    no gas

    IS3000Z-- will run on left tank reserve but, not on left tank or right tank. Can blow back thru the gas line when fuel selector lever is on left or right tank with no resistance but, when blowing back thru with selector on left tank reserve, it blows bubbles as it should in the left tank. The...
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    start & quit

    I have a Briggs 094332 0114 B1 that starts up, runs 15 seconds, then dies. I've cleaned it about 10 times with a cleaning wire and soaked it for 2 days. I stole another carb off a mower and it does the same thing. Cleaned the tank and installed a new fuel line. Any ideas????? I'd buy a new...
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    hydro oil

    I need to know what weight oil to use in my hydros. IS2000Z-- 61" deck--26hp Kawasaki
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    Z model ID

    Looking at a Ferris Z with no model markings.(decals) How can I determine which model it is and what year it is? thanks, gregjo1948