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    Roundup for tree stump

    I recently had two large trees cut down. I had the stump grinded down on one and left the other. The owner of the company said to drill holes and fill up with roundup if it started growing again. I have heard of using salt or copper sulfate but not roundup. I'm skeptical on it working. Anyone...
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    Authentication Required pop-up

    I keep getting a pop-up to put in username and password on every page. Very annoying, also notice near lawn world there is a 401 unauthorized where the ad is.
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    New Generac Pressure Washer no start (FIXED)

    My father bought this pressure washer brand new from wally world. I assembled it, later he added oil and gas. About three weeks later he decided to use it on a rental property. He couldn't get it to start, told him nearest Generac dealer is 45 miles away. I decided to check it out, pulled spark...
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    EPA Spill

    Great job, morons. Pollution flowing faster than facts in EPA spill -
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    Annoying Critters

    I finished rebuilding a carb on a stihl and had one or two paper towels left on the roll. Next day I noticed only the roll core there, didn't think much about it. I changed the oil and oil filter in my mower then noticed a little white at the steering shaft. Turns out it was my paper towels...
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    Briggs Closing McDonough Plant in Georgia

    Briggs Inc. annouinces closing of the Snapper Plant in McDonough, 475 jobs will be affected. » WKEU Radio
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    Briggs & Stratton Linkage Diagram

    I need the linkage diagram for B & S engine model 132232.
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    Posting Reply Problem

    When I click on post reply it does nothing. I have to reply with quote then delete the quote and then post my reply.:thumbdown:
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    Briggs & Stratton Initial Idle Mixture Setting

    I am working on an old tiller with a Briggs & Stratton 5 hp engine. I need the initial carb idle mixture screw setting, engine info as follows. Thanks Model- 130202 Type- 0198-04 Code- 81043010
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    Hello from Georgia

    Just stopping in to say hi. I have a John deere 110. Also a member at hobbytalk(small engine repair).