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  1. upupandaway

    Honda fans, look what people throw away

    Not sure why it was at the curb being i just opened the gas valve, choked it, and it started. Not a spec of rust on the chrome. Obviously very well kept. Honda mower
  2. upupandaway

    small engines in Asia

    Here are some pics of machines in Japan\Taiwan in addition to the "Battlestar Galactica" blower i posted before. A "see how the other side lives" if u will. Asia equipment
  3. upupandaway

    Need new cylinder??

    I have a "chopsaw" "cut-off saw" K770 where the compression is too low - 60psi. Spark OK, spray starter straight into dry cyl no go. Looking from carb side, the piston looks perfectly fine if not better than some pistons that work. My first assumption is it needs a new cylinder\piston but as...
  4. upupandaway

    Want to ID my blower

    I just got a few blowers (for $10 each :LOL:). Just changing the primers did the trick and they all run. Looking around, I see all stickers that would tell me what model i got are gone. I think it looks like models BR500 to 700. Can anyone tell me what else would tell me what i got?? Thx.
  5. upupandaway

    Hydraulic Trans problem

    I have a Sabre(JD) but the problem is more a Tuff Torq problem. The mower has the k51a trans. It moves kinda slow so i figured to change the fluid. The fill plug is just under the battery so to avoid removing the trans each time to change the fluid, I cut a hole to reach the fill. From watching...
  6. upupandaway

    Briggs 92908 no spark

    Im stumped. I first tried a new spark plug.Then i tried a SS to replace the points. I then tried a new ignition coil. Then i tried a different flywheel(magnet seems fine- both original and replacement wheel). All of this still no spark(plug or spark tool). I sanded surfaces so the coil and SS...
  7. upupandaway

    If you can't find it, make it!

    I have a Wisconsin motor from a snapper mower i got last summer. The motor was missing carb pipes and carb itself. Being the part is NLA, I got around to look into brazing aluminum being i never welded before. BWAHHHHHHHHH!!!! She's alive! Honestly i thought the joint would just break off. Now...
  8. upupandaway

    Care to join me?

    I'm looking for some labels- the ones on the front "4HP" and "TOUGH" decals to finish off my paint job. I don't see any of these on the internet so i am going to inquire with a local printer. If i find it much cheaper to order some quantity of them, is anyone out there interested in joining me?
  9. upupandaway

    Snapper Wisconsin engine Q

    While my Q isn't a "Snapper" Q, snapper did sell a bunch with them so maybe someone can help. My Snapper has the W1-185 engine. The "problem" i have is that even with the choke applied, i cant get it to start. Spray a little fluid in the air filter and it runs like a champ. I soaked the carb so...
  10. upupandaway

    Choices Choices...

    The great debate- $40 for the non self propelled with the slanted lettering(older model) or more recent "commercial" with self propell for $20....
  11. upupandaway

    Tec tvs12063111f missing a part

    Upon replacing the piston rings, i messed up the very thin shimmy that is on the crankshaft resting on the oil pan. Looking up parts diagram,they don't show this part. Is it sold with the crankshaft or evil thought- can i live without it?? TIA
  12. upupandaway

    Echo warranty Question

    I have a echo shc-225 where the cutter shattered. It broke inside the gearbox. the broken part then broke the gearbox. Being home use, it is still "under warranty" about 4 years old. I use quotes because the dealer told me odds are echo will give some lame excuse and not cover it. calling echo...
  13. upupandaway

    Anyone need a shaft?

    I have one laying around from a neighbor's hosed motor. it is .75OD with .17" square drive. Let me know.
  14. upupandaway

    Carb problem.

    I have a TV... (motor with plastic carb). it wont stay running. prime and it starts. I took off the carb and cleaned everything out so that is is spotless. This is the second one that i came across that acted this way. The first one I tried rebuilding with same results so i dont want to buy and...