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    Skidding logs with the Ventrac today.

    Started skidding a few logs today, grabbing all the smaller stuff before it gets frozen in the wet areas and I can’t move it. not easy to shoot video while working .but I made a short movie up. It was really wet down where this big locust fell,I never got the bottom part up, it got hooked on...
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    Leaf season.

    Now that leaf season is upon us I shot a couple quick videos..also we had some carnage also few weeks ago.Our Steiner blower PB100 the impeller exploded , this is the second time this happened in 25yrs..the original lasted about 8 yrs and the second about 17yrs, bearings were still original.In...
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    Ford 1910 pto shaft

    I have a mid 80s Ford 1910 4x4. We use it on our family run small golf course .We have had this old workhorse close to 30 yrs.. About 2 years ago the PTO shaft fell right out,while we were blowing leaves in the fall. At the small end of the PTO shaft there is a small needle bearing. This...
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    Ventrac 4500P

    I've been hearing lots of good things about the Kawasaki powered EFI dealer says it out powers the old daihatsu 31 3LC gas and the new Kubota 32.5 LC gas..all while using a about the same fuel as the 25 diesel. Also spoke with a guy using one blowing snow..he's trading his 4231 TD in...
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    Textron buying Dixie Chopper

    I just found out that Textron bought Dixie Chopper ,not sure what to think of it,I guess it's better than a Dixie going out of business...
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    Plowing with the Ventrac

    I took a 40 minute video with my phone a few weeks ago.. Cut it down into 3 sections.. Here's the first part.I was just pushing snow away from my parked area.I could have used my skid steer and been done much faster but my septic tank is under that snow pile and the ground pressure in psi is too...
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    Best year for Ventrac.

    I was just working on my 72 inch ventrac deck from around 2004. I'm replacing the caster bearings and a tire. Since I had the caster off I put it next to my dad's older deck.. And noticed that his casters are much beefier and the rims internal bearings are much stronger and bigger.. I'm not sure...
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    4231 Engine

    This is my first post here,Im new to LMF...I recently purchased a used 4200 with the 31HP gas engine. I took a chance with this machine,and lost the roll of the dice,so I am in need of a replacement engine...these things are not easy to find...anyone know where i can find a ventrac spec engine...