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  1. tom3

    Craftsman with 21HP BS engine

    Dad had an old Gravely that he put an electric starter on when he got too old to pull the strap. He'd turn it forward up on the top of the compression stroke, then hit the button. This would give it two crank rotations to get up to speed for starting. Old machine is still running and gets...
  2. tom3

    Shipping damage/factory direct

    Reminds me of Harleys back in the mid 70s. Half assed final assembly and QC. Hope you can get it straightened out, customer service is pretty much non-existent these days.
  3. tom3

    Lawn-Boy 7268 Restomod Odyssey - Grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage!

    If made in China, FOB west coast for about 30 dollars. Sell in Walmart/Amazon for 249.95. Good luck with warranty or service - or any concern whatsoever for your problem. That's today's marketplace.
  4. tom3

    zero turn mower tearing up yard

    From what I read when you turn one wheel goes forward while the other wheel actually goes reverse so not to pivot on that inside wheel. But I can't run one of those things at all.
  5. tom3

    Oily Spark Plug

    If the cylinder has any serious wear and scoring, you'll see it with the piston down in the hole.
  6. tom3

    Is this valve bent?

    I'd try to relap the valves before doing anything serious. Having the valve sticking open a bit might have messed up the seat to valve contact. Get some lapping compound, probably videos on Youtube on this.
  7. tom3

    Old Jacobsen 21 " 2 cycle Rotary Mower

    Would that have a Power Products motor on it? That machine goes way back for sure. If you get anywhere with it come back and post, interesting project.
  8. tom3

    Lawn-Boy 7268 Restomod Odyssey - Grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage!

    Might check on that gas tank issue. There was/is a recall on a lot of the LB tanks like yours. I checked into it for my leaky F engine tank and it was covered but I would have had to take it to a dealer for replacement. Can't imagine any mower dealer these days fooling with a 40 year old Lawn...
  9. tom3

    Oily Spark Plug

    Basic Briggs flathead Kool Bore.. I'd guess the cylinder is shot. New rings might help it but this is getting pretty common these days. The chrome plating on the piston wears and the bare aluminum surfaces rubbing together creates a mess. Hope I'm wrong but you'll have to pull the head and check.
  10. tom3

    john deere 345 mower Kawasaki engine

    How many hours on the 345?
  11. tom3

    Anyone running Microsoft's newest version: 2004 ?

    Bought the wife a new HP desk top with Win 10 a year ago. Hear nothing but complaints and all I get done is trying to clean it out so it will work decent for a couple weeks. My Chromebook works flawless and this old Gateway with Win8 also works pretty decent.
  12. tom3

    Oil question

    Does this motor have a sleeved bore? Briggs&Stratton calls this an I/C - industrial commercial - engine. If it is sleeved the standard oil is probably ok. I'd still run the Kohler SH/SJ rated oil, or an additive.
  13. tom3

    Oily Spark Plug

    I like that VW in your avatar. What does the oil in the mower look like when you drain it for an oil change?
  14. tom3

    Bore Measurements

    I like that idea of using a ring, squared up with a piston, and comparing the end gap at it goes down the cylinder. Genius, or at least ingenious
  15. tom3

    What's the most efficient way of mowing lawns?

    Well everybody was thinking it, nobody would post, except me:
  16. tom3

    Funny picture thread

    That picture is bogus. Anybody knows a Honda doesn't break down.
  17. tom3

    B&D Cordless lawn mower economically repairable?

    I suspect this has a brushless motor. These have a lot of electronics to power and control the motor and are highly stressed. One component goes south and it's done. Pretty expensive mower and most reviews are basically negative. Ouch.
  18. tom3

    hay guys i have a super nice lawn boy model 5275 ser 1874236 19 inch cut would like to know what year it is and it might worth thanks

    The old LB mowers with alloy deck and good wheels that run seem to bring about $100 in season around here. Real handy for trimming but not used for serious mowing. Might post a couple pictures and the Lawn Boy enthusiasts on here can pin-point the year I suspect.
  19. tom3

    This doesn't seem like a good idea to me

    Better than me dragging around that load of leaves.
  20. tom3

    Adjusted parking brake now can't get the tractor to engage

    Are you saying the tractor won't move, and now you have no brakes at all?