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  1. cpurvis

    any body going to lobby day in richmond va tommorow???

    #Why do people put a #pound sign in front of #words, #phrases, #etc.?
  2. cpurvis

    Real I.D. driver license in the USA

    I see this as just more security theater, accomplishing nothing other than inconveniencing thousands. I have yet to see anything that can't be counterfeited, ESPECIALLY anything that's used to identify the bearer.
  3. cpurvis

    Real I.D. driver license in the USA

    There's gotta be some other way. What about people who don't drive or are ineligible to have a driver's license? (Too young, can't pass the vision test, etc.?)
  4. cpurvis

    Real I.D. driver license in the USA

    I didn't get a renewal notice but knew my license was about to expire. When I arrived at the DMV, I was asked for a bona fide identification papers, such as passport, birth certificate (not a copy), SS card, etc. I asked how I was supposed to know all this, since I never received a renewal...
  5. cpurvis

    Fuel Shut off valves

    Business might not pickup if those dollar-a-dozen valves cause problems for customers.
  6. cpurvis

    Deerely like you’re advice

    Sorry but I don't have access to a 111. I am only speaking from my knowledge of gear transmissions on trucks and tractors that if two 'speeds' are selected at the same time, the transmission is locked up. Hopefully someone with specific knowledge of the 111 will chime in. It would be smart to...
  7. cpurvis

    Deerely like you’re advice

    Is the 111 a gear transmission? If so, check the shift linkage to make sure it isn't in two gears at once
  8. cpurvis

    49065-0721 Kawasaki OEM Oil Filter replaces 49065-7007

    $7.20 for the Wix 57035 at Rock Auto dot com
  9. cpurvis

    49065-0721 Kawasaki OEM Oil Filter replaces 49065-7007

    Sure, there is corporate greed but also what you're seeing is consumers acting in what they believe to be their own financial best interest. They run the gamut from those who'll spend $15k on a top-dollar JD or ZT to the Big Box Store customer. A lot of people can't afford to buy the best...
  10. cpurvis

    49065-0721 Kawasaki OEM Oil Filter replaces 49065-7007

    It's called 'capitalism.' Admittedly, it's the worst economic system out there--except for all the rest.
  11. cpurvis

    49065-0721 Kawasaki OEM Oil Filter replaces 49065-7007

    I've been using the NAPA 7035 on my FR730V. It's made by Wix; I think the Wix number is 57035. It has the bypass and anti-drainback.
  12. cpurvis

    Castor tires

    Sounds like you have wheel problems, not tire problems. If the steel is still good, you could probably clean it up and run a weld bead all around the wheel. But it would probably be more cost effective to buy a new wheel.
  13. cpurvis

    California considers a statewide ban on gas powered lawn equipment.

    Nothing regarding that state surprises me.
  14. cpurvis

    can i clean engine with a standard engine degreaser?

    Lazarus thread. Prior to today, last post was 8/31/2011.
  15. cpurvis

    722DT6 motor specs

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  16. cpurvis

    722DT6 motor specs

    Since it's coming apart anyway, I'd measure the ring width during disassembly.
  17. cpurvis

    HD ZT engaging blades

    I've always engaged PTO implements at low engine rpm. Never could see a downside of doing it that way.
  18. cpurvis

    Valve Replacement for FA210D-AS17 Motor

    If you've identified those numbers as being the correct valves for you engine, I'd order them. Just to add suspenders to the belted trousers, ask about their return policy.
  19. cpurvis

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all!
  20. cpurvis

    Cleaning old metal gas tank

    Sandblasting sand or bead blasting beads. Shake vigorously. Flush with alcohol.