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    Tecumseh wiring wuestion

    I have a tecumseh tvs90 with 3.8 hp. Model # 46055B (c). It is used on a mtd-yard man leaf vacuum. My question concerns the wiring harness for this engine. I do not know where all the wires were attached and haven't seen a video or pictures. There is one wire (green) still attached to the...
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    Vintage kee/Lincoln high wheel lawn mower

    Getting ready to rebuild an old briggs and Stratton 7/8 updraft carburetor. Have heard they make leak gas even after rebuild. Have also heard I might need to add additional gaskets to the carburetor and additional gaskets to the main jet . Although these carbs are made of pot metal, one...
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    Honda gvc 160 engines

    Dumb questions : Which end of the emulsion tube goes into the carburetor tube first? How do you release the fuel line Honda clips and Are there alternatives to these Honda wing clip?
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    Honda gvc 160 engines

    What would be a good/safe screw driver to use to remove the main jet on a honda gvc 160 carb? I thought maybe Honda had a special carb too for this purpose but did not see one. Can someone kindly give me the link on this forum to see how to safely remove the honda main jet I sure do not want...
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    Throttle, choke assembly and carb diagram

    Have 2 questions about honda gvc 160 engine// Does not have auto choke 1-Is the metal air guide with curve feature at bottom placed toward the engine or away from the engine. 2-Any one know where I can get simple diagram of how to re attach throttle, choke assemblies. Like a dummy, did not...
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    Throttle and governor assembly

    I have seen the images of throttle and governor assembly for a tvs 90 engines. I recently took off and replaced carb, intake manifold, air filter assembly, etc. Basically everything, now I can't get the cable back on for the governor assembly. Think I can figure out throttle but the long wire...
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    Tecumseh Gas Tank

    I am new to this forum and have previously posted when I first signed in. I have a yardman chipper vaccum with a 3.8 Tecumseh engine which I just rebuilt the carb. I remember taking the plastic gas tank and putting it back on. I need to remove the tank again and cannot remember how. It has tabs...
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    Dumb question How do you remove plastic gas tank from small engine Tecumseh engine. It has tabs, but I do not want to break them. I think they slide up but do not know how much force to use Probably 3.8hp engine on a yardman lawn vaccum..