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    Penny Pincher Alert: Cart Wheel/Tire

    My little toy cart I tow with my rider keeps getting flats and sometimes de rimming out in the boonies. Tubes are $7 online. Harbor Fright coupon good thru tomorrow ,7/31 $4 for steel 10" wheel and tire with ball bearing 5/8." shaft. Mine is an oxcart with axles running on steel bushings...
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    Blade disintegrates ,injures daughter

    Just read a harrowing report , yahoo, (can we believe some of it?). Mower strikes tool left in yard, breaks blade which hits 10 year old daughter in head. She undergoes surgery , midwest. What a trooper!! You can find the details if interested on line.
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    i have said it before....there is such deep and extensive knowledge in this forum it deserves better than to be piece mealed out in separate threads and comments, thereby missed by many needy people. A steering committee should be set up of people willing to serve who have demonstrated vast...
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    RARE SIGHTINGS NEEDED! Anyone with XT1LT42, XT1LT46 or XT2LX42 ??

    Some of us wondered if anyone has purchased any of the 3 EFI (electronic fuel injection) Cub Cadet mdels named in the title of this thread. Please share and tell all if you have, or know of one in your area.
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    Harbor Frieght pressure washer: impressions

    This place is covered in moss and algae after a really wet spring and I knew I finally had to get a pressure washer to recover the driveway, sidewalk and wood deck. One day of a local specialist looked like it was getting close to the cost of a lower end washer. On line there are some...
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    Holding a price after 12 years: big box lawn tractor

    In Lowes this week there sat a Husqvarna lawn tractor, stamped deck and "basic Intek V" on sale for $1800. That is the price I paid for my Craftsman dyt 4000 in 2004 . It was on sale with about $200 off.
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    Red flag threat warning received for Lawnmower Forum

    For the first time I just received a threat warning .this as an UNSAFE site. Complete with danger to personal info, financials etc etc. I am running Win10/IE with no other security. This warning returned me to "home." Real or not a problem.....? ADMINISTRATORS PLEASE COMMENT
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    Impressions: newGT48XLSi

    Bad hip just when ole dyt4000 lost a cylinder. I cannot presently t-shoot to see if more life is in it so I bought a new Husqy. Although I wanted Kaw I settled on....drum roll ....ANOTHER INTEK????? Yep . I have ranted about this engine and yet after 5 yrs on the forum people (and the...
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    DYT 4000 blade indexing grit/click under rotation by hand

    Craftsman 917.273621 running and cutting ok, but upon sharpening blades and rotating them underneath by hand an indexing "notch" is felt by hand. When the tension rod is released this notch feeling is gone. The deck is strung up now on a cherry picker and the unloaded pulleys and spindles feel...
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    I may have lived too long

    I tried to let this one go, but then I remembered this site and its members.... Within the week a TV announcer presented a word on the latest Nike product. Sneakers with batteries that lace themselves...No, this is not a joke. The TV dude said "what a good idea . I could see paying $400 to...
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    Any garden tractors with lsd?

    Really tired of being stuck on any slight, wet or snowy grade because of rear wheel spin up. I think some of the garden tractors have LSDs. But all I see locally is Husqy with an electric unit. Any suggestions?
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    Ryobi 725R hard to pull starter cord

    Grassbandit , I can't read your PM so I will ask about the difficult pull start of Ryobi 725 R. I guess this is a 2 stroke. There were a couple good threads a ways back concerning 2 strokes. As I recall carbon build up at the exh port can be a problem. Bandit's problem is relieved when the...
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    Ignition coil patents of interest: trimmers, chainsaws , lawnmowers

    First an explanation to Bert . I had promised a PM , but the patents may be of interest to other forum visitors. There are many problems in the forum concerning "no spark" and what to do. The patent articles are very technical, but the summaries are in English and worth reading. These coils...
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    HF Predator Engine

    Stumbled onto a home mail ad : 6.5 HP Harbor Freight Predator 4 stroke ,$99 in non CA and CA trim. About 40 reviews surprisingly good if you can believe them. Seems this is a drop in for many tiller, pump, apps. For your information.
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    cylinder head coating-cool thing?

    The aircraft guys always have interesting articles about their air cooled engines. Perhaps 'cause they can't just jump off and walk home. For your thought.... A new cylinder head will run hotter than one with combustion coating. The coating helps keep the combustion heat from conducting...
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    Hot day, hot oil

    A couple of us were sharing heat readings , but I lost the thread location. So here it is to find. Last Sat 96F. Mow weeds out chute 30 minutes. Craftsman dyt4000 Intek 24. Oil cooler and fan fitted. Oil filter 117F Cooler fitting 189F Sump drain plug 183F Rocker cover 210F Exhaust...
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    online surprise

    After choking on Lowes price for an Intek air filter ($17) I found it online through K Mart pickup at Sears ($11). Please use your choice and support your local service store if desired. Just a tip.
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    Reach, Repair Difficult Wiring: End Strippers

    For tractor owners who can see, but cannot reach that broken or frayed wire. Just used a tool to repair broken alternator wire which was "in there," but unreachable. Impossible to strip ends with knife or common wire stripper-no room. Would require dismantling the side of the engine. Enter the...
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    Two Stroke Synthetic Oil

    Good news and surprise that suddenly Poulan synthetic oil appears after several years absence. On line I could not find anything previously except blends and racing stuff. There it was on Wally's shelf. Used it for 10 years . Should fly off the shelf.
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    Collective wisdom a best seller

    This forum reveals knowlege that would create a best seller paperback, even in this nation of throw away stuff. If one of you could produce it I will buy it and eventually you could retire in luxury off the proceeds. :laughing: