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    I have a recent year Simplicity Broadmoor with a 25HP Briggs less than 400 hours on it. It has a tendency to go into a severe backfiring when you shut the throttle down. On the Briggs site they say this is normal and they call it afterfire. To avoid it one should run ethanol free gas, which I...
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    Old K241

    Have an old JD 110, 1973 model with a K241, which I have been tinkering on for a couple years. Finally got it up and running, began chopping leaves. Ran well for about 2 hours then it stopped dead, seems like fuel starvation. If you wait a few minutes it will restart but only very briefly, not...
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    Simplicity Conquest "transmission" light

    I have a 23/54 Simplicity Conquest which I believe was sold new in 2008, making it now 6 years old. I purchased it in 2009 with 30 hours on it. I have since replaced the engine, the PTO, and one arbor, I do a lot of mowing and I am certain it has over 600 hours on the transmission. This summer...