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  1. poncho144

    Make or break features on a zero-turn?

    I gotta ck dat out....
  2. poncho144

    Husqvarna YTH 2348 - Bringing it back to life

    Yeh...feel that way 'bout real old Harleys, Indians and Triumphs...
  3. poncho144

    Best for hills?

    Had the same concerns and tried mowing slopes with a Simplicity Z 45" 27 hp B&S, it will work but very squirrely on wet grass. My Husq TS354D 54" 25 hp Kohler lock'n diff works real good up an down or sideways. ain't for da feint hearted...jus say'n. I be a Biker who is used to life...
  4. poncho144

    Make or break features on a zero-turn?

    Computer control option, when I sit the system energizes, hit start, AC on, proximity warning on, Cab door/window locks Auto/on/off, wheel lock on/off, tire pressure display on, blade RPM on, Radio on, Muffler bypass on/off, Auto diff lock on/off, Mow/Mulch on/off, Lights auto/off/on, Decibel...
  5. poncho144

    Husqvarna YTH 2348 - Bringing it back to life

    I thought I was a tight wad when it comes to fix'n stuff that's beyond any reasonable hope, but you have just topped me. Bite the bullet dude, save yourself a lotta time and anguish. Simply upgrade to a NEW mower, 'cause I've been there, done that....
  6. poncho144

    Ultima ZT2 surging

    Uh huh....
  7. poncho144

    Odd Issue with Kohler Courage 23

    Yeah, dat wuz my first thought, glad ya checked fuel but how inna hell didja git water in it? I've had flat stale gas before but never in 80 plus years found h20 in any...
  8. poncho144

    Ultima ZT2 surging

    Well pardner, you seem like a smart enough dude to realize the folks "fixing mowers, cars, M Cycles, etc, today ain't even in the same class as the ones of yester year. My advice, for what its worth, is to get more involved in DIY hands on down an dirty manly art of "fixing" shit. I mean, its a...
  9. poncho144

    Used oil

    Know a Farmer who recycles all used oil by gravity Filtering, Pressure filtering and Heating. No idea just what he uses it for 'cause whenever I ask, all I git is a blank stare wit one of his 3 eyes. I'm guess'n here, but I have a notion its got sump'n to do wit UAP's.....
  10. poncho144

    Beware of Husqvarna Garden Tractors!

    IMO the Husq YD's are rather flimsy as small Tractors go. It is a decent MOWER only.
  11. poncho144

    Husqvarna GT52XLG

    Had the deck off 3 times on a 2018 TS354 D. First time was the winter of '18 and I was 78, piece-o-cake. Second was in 2020, 80th birthday, couldn't believe how heavy it was. The last time after a stroke at 83 it was worse than hard. Now, since hip replacement, just can't wat to wrestle dat SOB...
  12. poncho144

    Lifetime Deck Warranty

    I have a TS 354 D w/Life Warranty and wondered IF it is worth a dam, now I know. What was their excuse for refusal? Did they claim it was abused?
  13. poncho144

    Help Diagnosing Issue

    I have not been impressed by the Twin 25 hp "K" engine at all after 4 years. The 25 hp "Briggs" on my 12 year old "Snapper" knock-off is superior across the small engine paradigm. Also, the easily maintainable "S" Hydro trans has proved to be superior as compared to the impossible to maintain...
  14. poncho144

    Jerky Husky Yard Tractor TS354D

    2021 Husqvarna V twin 25 Hp Hydro Trans getting jerky when changing direction, stopping and taking off. If I ease the foot control very slightly its smooth. Anything beyond that the jerk'n starts. Seems to me its the Hydro control valve but dealers etc sez no, slipping belt, debris, air pockets...
  15. poncho144

    AC for summer cutt'n.

    ha, yeh, been gett'n stuff like dat a lot. I have a small 900 watt gas gen to run a 1000 BTU window unit, it works ok on the bench, just wuz wonder'n if anybody else was mess'n a rounder wit dat. I did see a Vid of something similar but the dude had a larger Gen it got so cold in the Mower cab...
  16. poncho144

    AC for summer cutt'n.

    Hey gang, anybody fit up AC on their Rider?
  17. poncho144

    2019 Kohler 25 hp V Twin "noisy"

    Compared to my 2011 Simplicity ZT 27 hp Briggs the Husqvarna TS354D 25 hp Kohler I picked up last year is noisy. Starter engagement noise, cranking noise, running noise, etc. Any comments?
  18. poncho144

    Best Zero Turn Mower Brands

    My 2011 27 hp Briggs ZTR Simplicity is still go'in strong after 9 years of abuse from me and the elements.I reworked the Spindles an couple pullies, put Knobbies on it for more grip an Sno Blade. I use it also to push/haul drift wood that comes up on my small estate from Ohio River every...
  19. poncho144

    10X8 4 lug rims for 2011 SimplicityZT27460

    found set of Husqvarna wheel Rims listed on ebay as 8"x4, looks like 10"x8"x4" to me, will Husq Rims fit my Simplicity?
  20. poncho144

    10X8 4 lug rims for 2011 SimplicityZT27460

    anybody know where I can find set (2) of USED 10X8 4 wheel rims?
  21. poncho144

    Look'n for set of 20X10X8 Rims for 2011 Simplicity 27 Hoss 48" cut Zero momma

    Any you Mower Heads know where I can get a set of USED 20X10X8 4 Lug Rims? Swapped out Turf Tires for Supper Mudders after convert'n from grass to snow Blade. the field behind my place knobbies work fine but on the slope just behind the place chew hell outta it. So...I wanna put the...