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    Idling down not shutting down, to open and drive thru gates. solenoid not relevant. Fellow on another board suggested one range cooler plug. Will try that.
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    I have a recent year Simplicity Broadmoor with a 25HP Briggs less than 400 hours on it. It has a tendency to go into a severe backfiring when you shut the throttle down. On the Briggs site they say this is normal and they call it afterfire. To avoid it one should run ethanol free gas, which I...
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    Deck holding grass

    In the spring and on July 4th I clean my mower decks and spray with Fluid Film. The grass then does not hold long to the deck, it falls to the garage floor over the week and when I get the mowers out on the next weekend I sweep the fallen grass off floor which is easier than cleaning the deck.
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    Cost of replacing batteries

    There is an excellent video on youtube of a handy guy doing a conversion to Lithium Ion batteries for that mower.
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    Mower Humor

    One of those law school foundational products liability cases arose out of the use of a push mower as a hedge trimmer in like fashion with dire results.
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    How fast?

    Most of these engines should run at 3600, if your throttle lets you take it past that you may over rev and damage engine. So get a $5 ebay wire wrap around spark plug tach and adjust your throttle cable to prevent over-revving. 3600 optimum speed for cutting, control speed with feet or transmission.
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    How to make file size smaller for pictures so that I can show pictures from my phone it keeps saying they are too large.

    What I do is first move the files from phone/tablet to my desk top. You can do this via a USB cable. I have used a free picture program for about 20 years with no problems to view pics and crop them. Then I just save them and they are usually about 1/3 of their prior size. The program is called...
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    Garden tractor pull build

    Take a look at the site Miller's performance enterprises. He is mainly about pulling, but does work on normal garden tractors too.
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    steering bushing confusion

    Off point but I had one of those 100 series JD lawn tractors made in the first decade of this century. Like most of them it had really sloppy steering, needing rebuilt every two years. I used to think they were made under JD license by AYP which seems to make everything under license. I guess...
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    Maintenance Tachometer

    Thing which bothered me is that the commonly used Echo shop tach, or its clones, do not have a replaceable battery. You can't always place one of those vibration disks on the crank, nor can you always put a shiny piece of tape on it to use one of those types. You can however almost always get to...
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    Paint match

    Not here nor there but I found 6 dollar a can allis Chalmers hardware store spray paint is a pretty good color match to simplicity orange which costs 27 dollars a can.
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    B&S Vangard

    make sure there is no fuel line obstruction between the tank and pump inlet, or between the pump outlet and carb bowl. Make sure the rubber vacuum stem cap removed prior to install and wasn't shoved up into the vacuum tube. Make sure the vacuum tube is not cracked or split.
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    Simplicity Conquest - Dash display not working

    Stupid moves, years ago I used to pull my conquest 54" deck off twice a year for cleaning and to put on a sharp set of blades. Was easier for me to do this with deck upside down. This led to many instances of upside down blades, effect of beer and upsidedownedness I guess. Anyhow never actually...
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    Walbro and Nikki

    I like Daryl dactyls cheap remedies, as seen on youtube. Just unscrew the solenoid, use side cutters to nip the protrusion off, screw it back in and bingo it no longer shuts off the gas.
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    Cheap Chinses Carb

    Try or Adam's mower recycler in Greenwich, ohio. Adams sells used stuff and you really have to see it to believe it. Search on youtube, mowers of every ilk and age, and they go on forever.
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    No Ethanol vs Ethanol Gas

    I spend the extra for no ethanol, its 89 or 90, no need for 93. If your fuel system has brass parts in it, you will find it full of green goo every spring if you use ethanol and if it has rubber orings they will deteriorate in 5 years. No ethanol gas no such problems.
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    Does a higher grade fuel do any good?

    No one believes this but I drive thru a local burg which has a no ethanol pump. I take my gas cans with me and fill them there. I run it in 3 lawn tractors dated 1973 through 2009, two newer push mowers, and one 5 year old echo weed eater. I don't have deteriorated rubber gaskets, green buildup...
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    Neighbors that cut grass beyond the property line Two houses ago I had 4 acres, front neighbor had 6 and back neighbor had a funny shaped 3 acre dogleg. Saturday morning gas up the conquest, 12 pack between my knees, a lawn mowing pill as my girlfriend called it, and engage the deck. Good times for a geezer and the only complaining...
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    Engine cuts out

    Bought a 2006 deere for gal pal, mowed in reverse in spite of switch preventing same. Pulled switch out of panel and previous owner had jumped contacts, eliminating same from circuit. Removed jumper and now one must hold switch down to avoid shut down whilst reverse mowing. Just the way I want...
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    Does coating the underside of deck really work?

    I used a product called fluid film protection, available on amazon. I was satisfied with it. I was seeking to make the inevitable build up come off easier, not to prevent it. So twice a year I clean the deck and put on another coat. Speeded up the cleaning process, did not stop the build up...
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    How we can take care of lawn?

    Track down the guy who made it that way and pay him to mentor you for one year
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    Your favorite part about mowing the lawn

    Large yard first criteria for home selection. Must have yard large enough to consume at least one 12 pack with 54" cut simplicity, if not then usurp a neighbor's yard, they never complain unless you run over their cat. Good and shit-faced, then get the chain saw out and trim a few pesky branches...
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    Your favorite part about mowing the lawn

    Never do it sober, been drunk mowing over 30 years. No one bothers you, loud as a motorcycle, no cops. Have cooler between my knees and a wire cage on the rear for empties. More than a few gfs learned to appreciate it and would drive the back up tractor.
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    Quality of cut information

    You will find nothing better than a simplicity cut. The roller bar which follows the ground stops scalping and maintains constant height across back of deck. Still needs maintenance and periodic adjustment, like anything.
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    Is there a Kawasaki Engine Shortage in the states ?

    You know last week I was at a Simplicity dealer in Portsmouth, Ohio they had a showroom full of high end mowers. Then Monday I was at a Simplicity dealer in Beaver, Ohio and their showroom was empty. They tell me they have been advised no new mowers for another year. Suppose the tariffs have...
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    Who Builds John Deere.

    However, go to the John Deere site and search for Model BG20444, you will not find it. You will find the LA105 which is a similar tractor but the BG20444 was manufactured specifically for Home Depot. Ask a real dealer.
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    Briggs and Stratton Warped PLASTIC Intake Manifolfd

    If anyone knows of an aluminum manifold to replace this plastic one, please provide vendor and part number. Check out funny mower guy on youtube "Taryl fixes all". He points out the manifold issue on this engine, it warps AND cracks along the heat seam where the top and bottom are joined in...
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    New 2020 Conquest mower deck leveling

    If you bought it new you should have a manual. And deck should have been adjusted for you. Simplicity roller in back follows the ground front rollers are anti scalp and touch ground only to keep blades out of ground. I have never seen a simplicity in a box store.
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    Getting small, best lawn tractor.

    Dont get the idea that because it is Green it is actually a Deere. Most all these low end mowers are made under licensing agreements by the same two companies. I have one, made after the series which had the collapsing hoods, but before the series where all the transmissions leaked and JD would...
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    Simplicity reliability?

    I have a 2009 Conquest, one model up from the Prestige. I went thru 2 of the B&S 23HP vanguards. They both lost same connecting rod (right side) at about 900 hours, Replaced with a Kohler 6000 series, which replaced the ill-fated Kohler Courage line. I put a 12v fan from ebay in the cowling...
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    Looking for advice on new riding mower purchase?

    Here is where you start, get a 3 blade not a 2 blade. 3 blade you get done faster and don't have all those mohawk stripes in the corners of your lawn missed by the gaps in the 2 blade decks on turns. 3 blade is usually going to be 46" cut or larger, and yes cost more. Most of these mowers are...
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    Old K241

    Have an old JD 110, 1973 model with a K241, which I have been tinkering on for a couple years. Finally got it up and running, began chopping leaves. Ran well for about 2 hours then it stopped dead, seems like fuel starvation. If you wait a few minutes it will restart but only very briefly, not...
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    Simplicity Conquest "transmission" light

    I have a 23/54 Simplicity Conquest which I believe was sold new in 2008, making it now 6 years old. I purchased it in 2009 with 30 hours on it. I have since replaced the engine, the PTO, and one arbor, I do a lot of mowing and I am certain it has over 600 hours on the transmission. This summer...