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  1. LazerZLandscaping

    What Ariens Product Do You Own?

    11528LE snowblower (2) and a Ariens Platnium 30 and Deluxe 30. All snow blowers.
  2. LazerZLandscaping

    Any new push mowers out there without Venturi-Style carburetors?

    I remember being a kid using the old Sears and Montgomery Ward push mowers, and they had real carburetors. Now like every push mower I look at today has the stupid non-adjustable Venturi carburetors. I've had lots of problems with Venturi carbs, and I don't want to buy another push mower with...
  3. LazerZLandscaping

    GCV160 Question

    Does the Honda GCV160 engine have a real carb, adjustable, and with a bowl?
  4. LazerZLandscaping

    Husqvarna 6022 SH replacement pull cord

    I got a 2001 Husqvarna 6022 SH off of Craigslist for free the other day and I tried to see if it had good compression and the pull start cord broke. I need a replacement, any thoughts were I can get one online?
  5. LazerZLandscaping

    What type of Craftsman product do you own?

    I own a Craftsman GT5000, LT1000, GT3000, and an LTX1000. And Craftsman wrenches, garage door openers, etc.
  6. LazerZLandscaping

    Do you guys mow with a bagger?

    If the grass is really long (like not mowed in a while) i'll use a bagger and mow twice. If the lawn is being mowed once a week or regularly, no bagger. It is good to mow regularly without a bagger because the grass acts as a natural fertilizer.
  7. LazerZLandscaping

    Best Trimmer Line?

    I own my landscaping business, and I have a variety of string trimmers, (Stihl, Echo, Troy-Bilt, etc.), and I wonder, is there a good brand of trimmer line? What brands last longer, what is best, what to avoid. Any help would be appreciated because I just want to run one brand of trimmer line.
  8. LazerZLandscaping

    Will this lawn ever grow thick, green grass?

    I have a customer that recently got a new house. The customer wants fertilizer/lawn lime spread. I don't know if this lawn is worthy enough. I don't want to waste money, or the customers time. I need opinions. Pics in next post.
  9. LazerZLandscaping

    Is the Honda GCV160 a reliable engine?

    Is the Honda GCV160 reliable? Any pros/cons about this motor? Does it have a real carburetor on it, or is it a Governor-Spring carb like on lots of the Briggs and Stratton engines? Any info would be appreciated.
  10. LazerZLandscaping

    Troy-Bilt TB130- Is it a good machine?

    Well, the time has come. It is time to retire the Bolens 5HP 21 inch push mower. I got it 2 years ago when the engine in my old Montgomery Ward push mower blew up. Don't know why. I only used this mower on residential lawns that are small when my Exmark push mowers was A. Out of service. or B...