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  1. NorthBama

    Printer issues with windows 10

    Anyone have printer issues using windows 10?
  2. NorthBama

    Toro GT2200 Electrical Schematic Help Please

    Looking for an electrical schematic for a Toro GT model 14AQ81RP048 any help will be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance
  3. NorthBama

    Kawasaki FC420V Igniter Replacement

    Anyone ever use one of these replace igniters part number 440465 to replace Kawasaki part number 21119-2161 ( control module for coil) Engine FC420V on John Deere 240
  4. NorthBama

    Is this Lawm Boy Worth Saving

    I don't know much about this Lawn Boy so I need your opinion. Do you guys think it is worth saving? The engine may be bad.
  5. NorthBama

    Cub Cadet LT1045 deck belt jumps off on lowest setting

    model 13AX11CH712 Deck belt jumps off on lowest setting. All the pulleys seem to be ok. I did notice the belt runs high on the tension pulley. Anyone out there in Cub land have any issues with this model. Thanks for any help
  6. NorthBama

    Kawasaki engine KF82D-X Help Please

    Trying to help a friend with a problem on an old Gator utility vehicle. The engine is a Kawasaki KF82D-x that does not have a spark at plug. The engine has an exciter coil behind flywheel and another coil mounted under flywheel metal shroud. Anyone that could give me any help troubleshooting...
  7. NorthBama

    Sears Craftsman 219.288520 wiring diagram

    Looking for a wiring diagram for sears 917.288520 any help will be great. Thanks much
  8. NorthBama

    GT 235 PTO will not engage

    Helping a friend out with the Pto not engaging. There is no voltage at pto connector under engine. Replaced pto switch and nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. NorthBama

    Briggs & Stratton V twin Intek running on one cylinder

    Hello new member looking for help with Briggs v twin Intek running on one cylinder. Has compression and spark. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.