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  1. Carscw

    Things people do with mowers.

    Not sure how this will turn out for him. But I would not want to be anywhere near him.
  2. Carscw

    iPhone app

    I am guessing that the reason the app does not work. Is because we changed servers.
  3. Carscw

    Kawasaki fr651

    This is what I have found on the valves Do I set them at TDC? Can I do them like I do a Briggs one valve open and one closed? First Kawasaki I have had. Started getting a puff of smoke just on start up. And not every time.
  4. Carscw

    Grey echo

    Are the older grey echo trimmers as good as the new ones? to be the best you have to beat the best
  5. Carscw

    Oil leak

    6.5 power sport side shaft leaking oil out of governor shaft. Is there a O ring there?
  6. Carscw


    Have 4.10-3.50 tires on the front of a toro. What would be the next size taller? Can not go any wider but need to go taller to match the new back tires.
  7. Carscw


    Just some mowers
  8. Carscw

    Belt maintanace

    Belts seem to be the one thing people over look. I look at my drive belt once a week and my deck belts maybe twice a day. I feel the deck belts after big yards just to make sure they are not hot. A hot belt means something is wrong. I spray every belt once a week with belt dressing. Every...
  9. Carscw


    How much would you sell it for?
  10. Carscw

    Transporting mowers.

    When you transport a mower on a trailer do you keep the deck up or lower it down? I have mixed feelings on this. If you leave it up it could mess up the deck hangers or knock it out of level. If put down it could do damage to the anti scalp wheels or brackets. I lower mine down
  11. Carscw

    How much do you know.

    Let's test your knowledge. A lady called me. Said she started using a lawn company a few months ago now her yard is full of weeds. I told her two reasons why. First was they do not know what they are doing. What was the second? Everyone that does lawn care should know this. Picked her...
  12. Carscw

    Deck belt.

    I as you all know I am not a JD fan But in my search for a deck belt for my toro. $110 at the dealer $42 on eBay. I found that a JD belt number gx20305 is 1/32 wider and 7/8 longer and sits in the pulleys very nice. Works better then the toro belt. No belt squealing when I engage the pto...
  13. Carscw

    What would you do

    Bulkhead is a very up scale place where all the way to much money rich live. Landscaper robbed of blowers at gunpoint in Buckhead neighborhood ATLANTA — A landscaping company employee was robbed at gunpoint in a Buckhead neighborhood. The incident happened on Tuesday, July 1, in the...
  14. Carscw

    Best push morer

    Cub Cadet SC500Z Ranking: ★ ★ ★ ★ Price: $450 Engine: 159-cc Drive: Rear-wheel Height Adjustment: One lever and both front wheels Cut Width: 21 inches Functions: mulches, bags, side-discharges Weight: 95 pounds Decibels (A Scale): 92 Likes: The Cub excels at sharp turns and corners, thanks to...
  15. Carscw

    Drive belt

    Has anyone used two V belts on the wheel drive pulleys rather then the $80 drive belt. The stock belt is 1 1/8 inch wide by 52 1/4 long I am thinking two V belts will work.
  16. Carscw

    Helping friends

    Have a buddy with a toro 1642 time cutter He said it runs like crap like the choke is always on. I tell him bring it over and we will claim the carb and change the lines and filter. First thing I do is check the oil. Little bit on the end if the stick. Then check the gas this is when I...
  17. Carscw

    Drive belt

    Ok I have a snapper pro walk behind. Around a 1998. No model numbers. Trying to find the two drive belts for the wheels. It is the wide belt with a groove in the middle. Same as a ferris so I have part numbers but can not find a belt. 1521442. New number is 1521447. Has anyone just used...
  18. Carscw


    Have a peerless/Tecumseh transmission model number. 4988-p1. Replaced both shafts and all gears but the little beveled gear that sits on the pulley shaft Reverse 1st and 2nd work ok but a little slow to engage. 3rd and 4th will turn the output shaft until I release the brake and try to move...
  19. Carscw

    Walbro carb

    Have a kohler cv14t 1497 Need number for a carb kit. It is on a snapper walk behind. Maybe from 1998
  20. Carscw


    A friend sent this to me asking if it is worth it. I think it is what do you all think.