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  1. Fish

    Briggs Cam Problem

    Here was a problem on some of the Inteks made @ 2004 or so, one of the lobes would wear down to almost round, and would cause all kind of squirrelly running problems. Here, I put a black line @ where the lobe tip should be on this old junk cam.
  2. Fish

    For sale near me. Cheap!!

    This looks pretty nice. For $150......
  3. Fish


    My first thought when I came here was that there are/were way too many different categories/subjects , and a lot of stuff gets lost because of it. Most of the mower brand questions are really just Briggs, Kohler, Tecumseh, Kawasaki, Onan, Generac, related..... The rest are hidden and muddled...
  4. Fish

    Could you? Would you??
  5. Fish

    Lawn Mower Shop Stories

    Over the last 2 or so decades, I have had some funny things show up and funnier things happen. I sure that you all have had as well. My first one: A few years ago, I have had my shop at my farm for a while, I was in the shop, and I kept hearing an occasional banging noise from the driveway...
  6. Fish

    How many of you guys attend the EXPO in Louisville?

    I attend every year, but I live only 40 miles from Louisville. It is THE Lawn and Garden tradeshow held in Louisville every year. It is a MUST for the serious Lawn Mower nut!
  7. Fish

    A very nice site!

    I found this site over the weekend. Very nice setup, easy to use. I like trying to help folks fix their stuff, so if you all will have me, I'll settle in here for a while...... I am pretty much semi-retired, just rely on E-Bay for income, so I have all kinds of time to click on here and try...